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Immortal Ink Publishing is currently closed for submissions

Immortal Ink Publishing are currently closed for submissions

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What we look for

  • Characters who are strong and unusual
  • Fresh treatment of familiar themes
  • Honesty with the reader
  • Story depth

What we offer

  • Comprehensive editing, clarification editing, and copy-editing
  • Professional book covers
  • All necessary fees associated with publishing paid for, including copyright and ISBN number
  • 50% of all net profits to our authors
  • Full marketing package
  • E-book publication with opportunities for print, audio, and translation * (select titles only)
  • Short-term, renewable contracts

If we believe in you, we invest in you. We keep our list small so that we can make the books we publish as successful as possible.


Immortal Ink Publishing is open to most genres, but we're specifically interested in the following:

  • Horror (especially literary)
  • Paranormal (fantasy, romance, and mystery)
  • Literary Fiction (well-paced and accessible)
  • Women's Fiction
  • Crime/mystery/thriller
  • Young adult

We are not interested in bibles, elves, dwarves, and purple moons.

How to Query

Send to:

Subject: Query: (Genre) - (Your title) - (Your name) - (Date)

In the body of the email*, please include:

  • Book title and word count
  • Your contact information
  • Short pitch - we just want the general idea of the story in 1 or 2 sentences.
  • 1-2 Page synopsis (can be single spaced). The briefer the better. We just want the plot.
  • First 10 pages (double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font) of your MS.

* We will not open e-mail attachments!

Note: due to time constraints, we will not explain rejections, but we will get back to you with either a "no thanks" or a request for your full MS within two weeks.