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Demon of the Fall
by R.P. Kraul

Toxic Lou, a hoodlum from Albany, steal’s money from the Delamino Family’s most feared contract killer and, hoping for a new start, flees to Purity, Pennsylvania. But Purity has a history of darkness dating back to the Civil War, when it inherited its name from Adam Purity, the Confederate Colonel who took refuge in the mountain village. Colonel Purity eluded the Yankees but succumbed to the ancient evil residing in the town—the same evil that intends to claim Toxic Lou next.

While Purity prepares for its annual Hallow’s Eve food offering to protect themselves from evil spirits, an enigmatic grave robber—the police refer to him as “Necro Nick”—threatens the festivities. Toxic Lou, after he’s accused of being this grave robber, breaks into an abandoned church—once the scene of a horrific murder—to investigate the source of a strange mystical light. Unknowingly, he frees the town’s ancient evil from its prison in the church.

To make matters worse for Lou, Gabriel Vance, the cold philosophical killer he swindled, has traced his whereabouts to Purity. The two men prepare for a blood-spattered battle to the death, but the ancient evil known as The Demon of the Fall will use one of these men—perhaps both of them—as pawns in its bid to destroy Purity.

“Blue Velvet” meets “The Evil Dead” in Demon of the Fall, R.P. Kraul’s second novel.

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Cover design by Meghann Pardee.
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