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Demon of the Fall
by R.P. Kraul

Purity, Pennsylvania seems like the perfect small town for a hoodlum like Toxic Lou to hide out. But evil has plagued the town for centuries. In order save himself and preserve his money, Toxic Lou will have to defeat the ancient evil known as the Demon of the Fall. But Gabriel Vance, the cold philosophical killer that Lou swindled, has followed Toxic Lou’s footsteps to Purity. The two men prepare for a blood-spattered battle to the death, but the Demon of the Fall will use one of these men—perhaps both of them—as pawns in its bid to destroy Purity. Blue Velvet meets The Evil Dead in DEMON OF THE FALL, R.P. Kraul’s second novel.

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Cover design by Meghann Pardee.
Check out more of Meghann's work at KuriosIllustration.daportfolio.com.